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Tesco Forced To Apologise After Customer Lashes Out For Ridiculous Offering

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Tesco authorities were embarrassed as a customer gave them her piece of mind after she ordered two meals from a store in Glasgow. She was shocked when she went to collect her food. She was given two eggs, a sausage, two rashers of bacon, a hash brown and some toast. There was no sign of beans or tomatoes which were present in the advertisement.

Taking to Facebook to share her disgust, Claire Thomson told the supermarket giant to ‘hang their heads in shame’ and shared a photo of a pretty depressing looking plate of food.

She wrote in the post: “Absolutely ridiculous to class this as a full all day breakfast. £4.30 each for this. Tesco in Shettleston, hang your heads in shame.”

Claire said a member of staff even felt sorry for her, saying it ‘doesn’t look much, does it?’

But she wasn’t the only one disturbed by her fairly paltry breakfast

Commenting on her post, one person wrote: “You would get a better breakfast in prison.”

And while Claire did say staff tried to offer her some extra portions, she really didn’t understand how it happened.

She later added: “I did complain then and there and was offered an extra sausage. How you can run out of breakfast items when you work in a supermarket is beyond me.

“The lady who brought the plate out to us actually apologised and said herself ‘it doesn’t look much does it?’

“She then came again and apologised after I complained to the cafe manager. She also pointed out the manager was new and was still finding his feet.

“I was offered a refund after I complained but my mum had already started eating as she was hungry, so I turned it down.

“I was letting management know that this is happening in their cafe.”

A spokesman for Tesco has now apologised to Claire for messing up her breakfast.

They said: “We’re sorry this breakfast didn’t meet our usual high standards.

“We are pleased that the customer has accepted our apology and a gesture of goodwill, and we look forward to welcoming them back into the store soon.”