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Hilarious!! Fake Thor ID Of Thor Surfaces Online To Buy Weed

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For some reason, one person did the unthinkable and surprised people with his incredible idea. An ID of Marvel’s Thor was used in order to buy weed from an online dispensary in Canada.

The dispensary staff did notice that it was familiar and realized that it was actually Thor. Chris Hemsworth would be laughing out loud right now.

A Twitter user who goes by the name of @cottoncandaddy posted the hilarious exchange between herself and her sister – who works at the weed dispensary.

She wrote: “My sister works for an online weed dispensary and I’m losing my mind rn,” with a screen grab of their conversation.

Her sister sent the fake ID, saying: “Look at the photo ID someone tried to use to apply on my site.” The response is almost certainly the same as yours – just a barrel of HAHAHAHAHAs. Class.

Even if we take that seriously, the ID would still have been a flop as it was expired in May, 2017. The name and address is worth mentioning, as it reads ‘Thor Thunder Odinson’, who lives at ’96 Big Hammer Ln’.

People found the post hilarious, with one writing: “The funniest part is that weed is legal here so the person is probably underage mad props to their photoshop skills.”

Another eagle-eyed fan posted: “I like that the issue year is 2012 (the same yearAvengers was released), and the expiration date is 2017 (the same year Thor: Ragnarok [was] released).

“I doubt it was intentional, but a really cool coincidence! 2012: Thor joined the Avengers, 2017: Asgard is destroyed.”

A third joked: “To be fair, he was pretty stressed out in the last Avengers movie”.