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Woman Tragically Dies After Trying To Reach The Popular ‘Into The Wild’ Bus

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In an unfortunate incident, a woman lost her life in Alaskan river while she tried to reach the famous ‘Into The Wild’ bus. Recently married, Veramika Maikamava and Piotr Marikielau, both 24, from Belarus, were among those who tried to attempt the pilgrimage.

They decided to cross the Teklanika River, which was wild because of the recent rain. As a result, Veramika was swept away and by the time she was pulled out by her husband, she was already dead.

Piotr then called the Alaska State Troopers and informed them about the incident. Troopers who turned up to the spot, collected the body and sent it to the medical examination.

Fairbanks Bus 142, also known as the ‘magic bus’ has become popular because of the book and film ‘Into The Wild’. The popular adaptations of the true story, which centres around Christopher McCandless has also helped the cause.

The former student apparently reached the spot with little food and equipment in an attempt to stay away from modern society and live as an off-grid adventurer. McCandless lived in the bus during the summer, but was found dead after four months.

Several other hikers have spoken about the challenges and their injuries along the way. However, deaths are not a common occurrence, the last death was reported in 2010 when Claire Ackermann drowned attempting to cross the Teklanika River.

In 2016, hikers Michael Trigg and Theodore Aslund had to be rescued from the area by a mission that involved more than 20 people and one helicopter.

Speaking about the incident, hiker and Alaska native Erik Halfacre, told: “They left with an unrealistic idea of when they’d be back.

“They could’ve ensured that someone wouldn’t launch an expensive rescue for them by having a turnaround time and sticking to it – but they didn’t.”

The number of people trying to make the journey spiked up after the release of Sean Penn’s film ‘Into The Wild’, based on Jon Krakauer’s book of the same name.