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Woman Settles Down With Her Dog After 221 Failed Dates And Four Broken Engagements

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Yes, a woman actually married her dog after she was fed up with failed dates and engagements. She was pretty sure that the special male in her life she decided to marry her will never leave her no matter what.

Elizabeth Hoad was getting hurt by the men more often and hence she decided that it was enough. However, not many would have expected to come up with something as weird as this. She just got married to her golden retriever.

“It was like we were meant to meet. He’s saved me and I’ve saved him. I was broken before I got him. I got a dog behaviourist when I first got him and she said he’d saved me,” Elizabeth told.

She had picked up her dog, Logan, from a rescue shelter and he’s been with her ever since.

“It must be me. I dont know, I’ll tell you what I think…the older men want the younger women and the younger man want the older women,” she added.

When asked how the whole plan to get hitched came about, Ms Hoad said: “It’s not just me. I have about 10 other friends, we go on lots of treks with all our dogs and one of my friends said ‘why dont you just marry him’.”

The ceremony was held during the episode of ‘This Morning’, as viewers were surprised at what they were seeing on TV. Alison Hammond led the nuptials and asked Elizabeth to say her vows to everyone watching.

“With my body I promise to take you for daily walkies and all that I have in my doggy treat cupboard I give to you, and all those cuddles on the sofa I share with you,” Ms Hoad had to say.

However, there were quite a few who were not convinced with the idea and they did make their views visible clearly.

One viewer wrote on social media: “What is happening with this programme? Sinking to new depths. This woman may actually be quite vulnerable, not to mention this poor dog. Come on team, do better.”

Another added: “This is it, the pinnacle of humanity. All down hill from here.”

“Honestly this programme has gone considerably down the toilet,” wrote a third.

Anyway, what’s your take on the whole issue?