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Woman Comes Up With Doggy Bucket List After Learning Her Favourite Pet Had Terminal Cancer

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People having no pets will never understand how important they are. These pets can change the life of people and light them up and that is why people are so attached to pets. However, it can also be seriously hurtful when you realize that you just have a few days with your favourite pet.

That is exactly what Jillian Dibble experienced when she was told that her beloved beagle had just eight weeks to live. The heartbroken woman then decided to give Daisy the best possible send off and created a doggy bucket list. Daisy was diagnosed with lymphoma, fluid around her lungs and a heart murmur.

The pet’s owner said: “I was so devastated when I got the phone call that she had lymphoma, and I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to say goodbye.

“And I decided we are gonna have fun for as long as I have with her. We’re trying to make the most of it, and I made a doggy bucket list.

“I just want to make her happy. She’s my friend and she’s been a good dog to me for 12 years.”

The list includes a Starbucks pupachino, ordering a burger at McDonald’s, having an ice cream on the Ave and going to the beach among others.

Jillian is trying to do everything to keep her pet and make the most of the time they have together.

The list also comprises playtime with friends at the dog park, visiting a pet store and playing there, swimming at grandma’s, having a BBQ Cruise down A1A with the windows down and music up.

Dibble wants to take Daisy to a fire station, have a photoshoot, and make a paw print ornament, paint a picture, sit together and watch the sunrise or sunset and also ‘follow that scent for as long as you want’.

Another thing on the agenda is to raise funds for shelter animals in Daisy’s name and then deliver the cash to make sure a dog in the future can have love and care.

Let’s hope there’s some miracle and Daisy comes out of the disease. Definitely, this dog deserves a lot more than the two weeks.