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96 YO Man Gets Away With Speeding Ticket Thanks To Sensible Judge

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This American judge has often been in the news for all the right reasons and this time it is yet another case that will floor you. An elderly man was let off after he was booked for speeding. It so happened that the old man was looking after his cancer-stricken son and hence judge didn’t feel right to impose any sort of pressure on him.

Judge Frank Caprio doesn’t go out of his way to punish people unless it is necessary. He always makes sure he keeps his human side awake while he passes judgements.

Coella, a 96-year-old man was charged with a ‘school zone violation’, which meant he had been exceeding the speed limit in a school area.

“I don’t drive that fast, Judge,” Coella told Caprio. “I’m 96 years old and I drive slowly, and I only drive when I have to.”

Coella then calmly told the judge he had been helping out his son, who he explained is ‘handicapped’.

“I take him for blood work every two weeks because he’s got cancer,” he said, after Caprio asked him if he had been driving him to the doctor’s office that day.

The judge soon understood that the man was genuine and he wasn’t bluffing. He even told the father that he was a ‘good man’, Caprio said that Coella’s actions were ‘what America is all about’.

“Here you are in your 90s, and you’re still taking care of your family,” he said. “That’s just a wonderful thing.”

When Coella said his son is 63, Caprio smiled and added: “And Daddy’s still taking care of him, right?”

The exchange then had the ultimate TV twist when Caprio introduced his very own son, who had been sitting at the back of the room.

“You’re setting a bad example to my son – you’re putting a lot of pressure on me!” he joked as his son waved over to him, laughing.

The judge then wished Coella and his son well, and dismissed the case. The clip of the conversation has unsurprisingly gone viral and amassed over 25 million views on Twitter with more than 1m likes.

“This is genuinely one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen,” one person tweeted.

“The father, despite everything, is still trying his hardest of taking care of his ill son. Both the judge and father are a beacon of light in this world.”

Someone else commented: “Dude I started crying, he’s so stressed and was just trying his best for his son okay I’m crying.”

Another wrote: “Can someone please drive this good man and his son around forever and ever, where do they live I’m in TEARS.”

Watch the video below: