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Vet Releases Shocking Images Of Dolphin And Seal Wrapped In Disused Fishing Nets

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These images may be hurtful and concerning to many as the incidents involving sea creatures has been growing at an alarming pace. People should really wake up to the dangers of plastic and the effects it is having on marine life.

If you are still not worried then these images shared by a British marine veterinarian will put you in a spot of bother. The pictures show a dolphin and seal dead after they were wrapped up in disused fishing nets.

James Barnett encountered the dolphin 2017 after it surfaced the shore in Cornwall. Disturbed by what he saw, he decided to share the images in a bid to share awareness about the problems of plastic to marine life.

“We don’t know how big a problem microplastic is yet. Microplastics is a totally unknown quantity,” he said.

“We are not yet able to determine how badly it is impacting the animals’ health. I think it is something further studies over the coming years will be able to say.”

Researchers explained that microplastics break into tiny particles and they are sucked through the food chain. They also revealed that plastic has been present in some of the sea food that humans eat.

Earlier in the year, a seal was found entangled in up to 35 kgs of nets.

“It’s definitely the worst case of animal entanglement I have seen in my career,” said Mr Barnett.

“We have not found much evidence of plastic in seals. The biggest killers are probably bycatch and entanglement.

“Seals are very curious animals and they will investigate nets floating in the water or attached to the seabed and can get entangled in them.”

Common guys it’s high time that we all act a bit matured and support marine life. It is not even a favour, every living being has equal rights to live on this planet.