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Cocaine Worth £1.5m Appear Out Of Nowhere In New Zealand

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Packages of cocaine worth more than £1.5m washed up in New Zealand. The substance has been washing up on the shore of a beach in the country.

The incident was brought to the notice of cops, who then visited the Bethells Beach in Auckland. The cocaine washed up in the plastic packages and came with the tide. The police confirmed that it was indeed cocaine after the test.

Detective Inspector Colin Parmenter from Waitematä Police said officers and customs officials have scoured the beach to look for any additional packages and has warned that more might wash up.

He said: “There is a small possibility that further packages may turn up on the beach and we ask any members of the public to contact us immediately if they do.”

Officials believe that the packages were in the water for a while, as they observed shells being caught within the netting the drugs were packed in.

The inspector informed that there will be police presence in the area, including the use of an Eagle helicopter, which will be sent out on Thursday to carry out a wider-reaching search.

“We will be sending regular patrols in the coming days to continue to check for further washed up items,” he added.

Cops have also launched an investigation to try and get to the bottom of where the drugs originally came from.

Meanwhile, one retired cop, who didn’t wanted to be named said that the find was more likely a part of a bigger consignment.

He told the newspaper: “It seems to me like the cocaine was probably part of a bigger lot, and this part has gotten away.

“I would think they would be looking at shipping rather than planes – you’d be looking at boats coming into and out of the area.

“The most likely thing I would think is that a boat has come in and dropped it off and then someone else has gone out and picked it up.”

Police have urged anyone with any information to come forward, posting on Facebook to request: “Anyone with information is asked to contact Waitematä Crime Squad on 09 839 0697. Alternatively, information can be provided anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”