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Loving Couple Fall To Death From Bridge After They Lost Balance While Kissing

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In an unfortunate incident, a couple lost their lives after falling from 50ft from a bridge. The incident was captured in a CCTV footage.

The couple named Maybeth Espinoz, 34, and Hector Vidal, 36, were walking home from a club in Cusco, Peru. They stopped for a kiss on Bethlehem bridge and didn’t realize that it could be their final kiss.

The footage showed the couple kissing, as Espinoz moved to sit on top of the safety railings with her legs wrapped around her man. Unfortunately, she lost her balance and the two fall off the bridge.

The onlookers alerted the emergency rushes who rushed to the spot. The reports said that the couple were still alive after the fall. However, Espinoz died while they were being taken to the hospital de Contingencia, and her boyfriend died later in an intensive care.

The couple were mountaineers and had moved to the area to work as tour guides. In a heart-wrenching post on Facebook Association of Mountain Guides of Peru called Hector a ‘good human being’ who had a ‘beautiful family which God blessed with beautiful children’.

The post praised the instructor and lamented the sad loss.

“We, your family of mountain guides will miss the great support to the institution,” it continued. “And even more those who will follow our steps, since you were an excellent instructor.”

The group added that he will be ‘very much missed’.

It was revealed by Vidal’s brother that the couple were drinking at a nearby nightclub hours before the fall, which happened at around 1am.