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Ryanair Passenger Makes Shocking Claim After His Friend Was Dragged Off Plane By Crew

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According to a Ryanair passenger he and his friend suffered injuries inflicted by police after they were allegedly accused wrongly of punching a member of cabin crew.

Islam Fessih, 19 and his friend Rafik Boutiche, 20, were on a flight from Faro to London after attending the Afro Nation Festival in Praia Da Rocha. As they were last to get into the flight, they saw two spare seats together.

Islam told: “While we were waiting for cabin crew to sort everything out, we noticed there were seats in front of me free, so he sat in one so we could be near each other for the flight.”

He explained that most of the other passengers were also doing the same and occupying the seats together to enjoy the company of friends and families. However, with them the cabin crew singled them out and asked them to move seats.

“Although there were other passengers sat on the three seats opposite,” he continued. “The air hostess told us that he needed to move to balance the plane.

“He didn’t want to but he ended up getting up to move, and when he got up, he walked past her because he’s quite big and she was quite small he brushed past her. She then claimed that he had punched her, which he hadn’t and rang the police straight away.

“Even other people on the plane said he didn’t punch her and that she was ‘overreacting’.”

Soon, police entered the scene and tried to take Rafik away from the seat. Other passengers can be heard shouting at police, with one onlooker saying: “You’re hurting him.”

Meanwhile, Islam was recording the developments in his phone. He also said that the police took his phone before they returned it to him. The video was then shared on Twitter.

The pair say they were left with a string of injuries. Rafik claims he was left with a neck injury, a bleeding hand and a sprained ankle.

Islam continued: “I have bruises on my arm, I had a panic attack as I suffer with anxiety and even the organiser of the festival was on the flight and tried to calm them.”

The two friends were then taken to the police station within the airport. However, they were later released without any charges.

Islam says that after complaining to Ryanair about their treatment, the airline responded saying that he is banned form travelling with them due to ‘disruptive behaviour’.

Islam said that Ryanair wrote in an email: “Please do not make any reservations for travel with Ryanair as once you log your personal details, our system will highlight your reservation and you will be denied travel without refund.”

Watch the video below: