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‘Train Surfer’ Burned Alive After His Dangerous Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong

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A man’s stunt on train proved fatal as he was burned alive after being electrocuted. He was travelling on the roof of a 155 mile per hour speed electric train in Russia. The train was brought to a halt after passengers complained about burning meat smell. The train was travelling from St Petersburg to Moscow.

As the train was stopped, people noticed fire on the roof of the third compartment as passengers rushed out in panic.

The man named Dmitry Mikhailenko, 19, was the unfortunate person whose body was trapped on the 4000-volt pantograph – the apparatus mounted on the roof of an electric train which collects power through contact with an overhead line.

Mikhailenko was dead when the rescuers reached the spot in Tver region. A missing young woman was apparently with him has also been reported. Other ‘train surfers’ have expressed concern for Anya Morozova, 20, who has been missing since the incident and whose phone is off.

The Russian Investigative Committee transport has started an investigation to dig out more details. Russian Railways official Petr Potapov, said he caused a ‘short circuit’ on the roof of the train. The roof as well as his body was burning.

This is not the only incident that has cost the ‘train surfers’ their lives. Last year, a man passed away in North Carolina while he was riding on top of a passenger train.

The 24-year-old Varcy Locklear was killed when the vehicle went under a bridge. His body was discovered on the same day of the incident – 30 October – in Enfield about 128 miles away from the passing.

The train itself was Charlotte to New York Amtrak route. Spokesperson for the train company, Kimberly Woods, said: “Service on an Amtrak train was temporarily suspended at the request of local law enforcement.

“It was reported of a possible interaction with the train and a person who was on the track. Service was suspended in order for Amtrak, and local authorities to investigate.

“The train was cleared to resume service about 46 minutes later. The train was heading to New York. The train originated in Charlotte. At the time of the incident, 99 customers were on the train. There are no reported injuries to customers or crew members.”