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Millionaire Faces Wrath Of People After He Slaps Models Inappropriately

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An Italian millionaire was slammed by public after he slapped bikini clad models on bums. The act was recorded on camera. Gianluca Vacchi posted the video on Instagram, in which he was also seen dancing with women.

The 52-year-old man is also seen climbing down steps before being met by the models who are all bending over for him.

He begins with slapping on their bum cheeks one after another before he grabs one for the dance. The clip, which has been viewed millions of times on Instagram has been congratulated by some.

One viewer said: “Fantastic video and music!! I can’t stop watching, you guys made my day!”

However the clip – which has been watched by more than 4m people on Instagram – has not impressed everybody.

One said: “You pay no respect.”

Another added: “You talk about respect life, but you have no respect for life it is obvious and less for women. The same way these girls don’t respect themselves.”

He responded to some posts, telling people to lighten up.

Someone else posted: “Yes, maybe but that doesn’t take the fact that we can’t ask for respect when we are letting other people disrespect us by putting a bunch of beautiful girls and slapping their butts like if they were animals. It’s just wrong. As I said, maybe they don’t see it wrong now but they will see it in the future when they have their own daughters or family they care about.

Another commented: “Your money cannot buy the respect and education that you have no idea what it means, enjoying life putting women down it’s simply disgusting.”

People started to talk about the morality of the video and a few said that the involved girls were adults and if they are happy then none should be worried.

One person added: “Maybe they like it? They don’t need to do anything to “better” the media. They might actually enjoy this a lot and we wouldn’t know it because of how people in the comments are treating them and their choices.”

Others stuck up for Vacchi, with someone else saying: “This guy is just enjoying life and hurting no body this girls are not here by force they enjoy being there @gianlucavacch. This guy always worked hard from a young age, he build an empire and now he is enjoying life, he loves woman like he loves smiling and enjoying life. Keep on doing what you are doing Gianluca – don’t let negativity be a part of your life.”

Watch the video below: