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Hunter Gives A Deaf Ear To Trolls That Criticise Her For Killing Animals

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People have started to think about animal hunting and most of them stay away from them these days. However, there are still some people who go out for hunting and most of them end up being criticized for their acts.

Sammi Lee is one of those who has been experiencing the backlash of people ever since she revealed to people that she pretty much survives on the animals she kills.

The woman from New Zealand, also says that she saves around $100-$200 every month because she supports herself.

“I love everything anything about hunting. The main thing I love is that my grocery bill is never as big as anyone else’s. I can also disappear into the hills with no reception nothing and get away from anything that has been going on.

“I also love that my fiancé is my best mate and we can just disappear the two of us and have the best time of our lives.

“We are actually going on a weeklong hunting trip for a honeymoon and if that doesn’t say how much we love hunting then I don’t know what does.

“I also love the views and seeing the animals do natural things, not just the animal you’re about to go shoot but the ones around him like my fallow buck and his three girls hanging around him watching the way they all interact is just so cool to see.

“In our eyes, nothing tastes better than wild game but a lot of people don’t like the taste of wild game, it’s a lot stronger than supermarket meat and people don’t realise it until they have a try.”

She has been a target for trolls and she is in the news every time she talks about her act. However, she doesn’t care much about the trolls and still manages to look forward to go out for hunting with her fiancé.

She wants to go to America soon and hunt down a mountain lion or a black bear. Looks like she is inviting a lot more of unwanted social media attention with this.