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Angry Man Throws His $5000 Engagement Ring Into The Ocean Post Break Up

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We all know that break up hurts and people have their own way to deal with it. But not many would consider throwing away their engagement ring, especially when it costed you a staggering $5000. But, that is exactly what a man did to come out of his trauma.

Brendan Beasley, decided that getting rid of his ring was the way to move ahead. He thought that throwing away the ring off a cliff in the spot where he had planned to propose her would be the best way to get over her.

The man from Sydney had everything set to propose her now ex-girlfriend. He had secretly arranged for a trip to Greece. The once-in-a-lifetime holiday to luxury destination Santorini and the ring cost him a total of about AU$10,000 (£6,750). Just before the holiday though, his ex made the decision to call it a day on the relationship.

“After three years together, and for no reason at all… she ended up leaving me,” he told.

“I was gutted because I had actually bought her a ring and booked us a surprise trip to Santorini [to propose] because she always wanted to get engaged there.”

Brendan, now 25, said the break up was ‘pretty brutal’ but having spent so much money on the holiday ring, he decided to go on the trip anyway, taking the ring with him.

“She knew nothing about my plan,” he said. “But I didn’t want to tell her I got her a trip and ring because she probably would’ve come back to me, and I didn’t want her to come back for that.

“So two days before the trip started, I told her about the trip – but not the ring.”

While on the holiday, he befriended the tour guide and when he told her about his plans, she helped him through some tough times.

“When the tour leader asked why I was travelling alone, I told her what had happened,” he explained. “We bonded over that… and I told her about the ring.”

While watching the sunset on the beautiful island, he took the impulsive – and expensive – decision to throw the ring into the ocean.

“I wanted to get rid of the ring, so I asked the group leader if she’d stand on the edge [of the cliff] and get rid of it with me,” he said.

“At that point, I threw it off the cliff. I got her to video it, and it’s probably the best video I have.”

Although it was an expensive choice, he says he has no regrets.

“It cost me a lot of money, but the moment I threw the ring [into the ocean], a whole lot of weight lifted off my shoulders,” he said.

“A lot of stuff changed inside me as well in that moment, and I know it sounds cliché, but I really found myself in Europe after that.

“Yes, I wasted a lot of money, but I would do it all over again.”

He got his happy ending eventually though, having met a Canadian girl who he is now in a relationship with. He even moved to Canada to teach snowboarding during the winter.

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