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Police End Up Deleting Mugshot Because People Couldn’t Stop Talking About It

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Police wouldn’t have expected a mugshot to become so popular that they had to delete it. We all know that social media is one of the means that police forces tend to use to get the word out about missing people, fugitives, arrests and public service announcements.

While it’s an excellent method to reach out, social media also presents itself with people who come up with something out of the box.

That is exactly what happened when Welsh police posted a mugshot of a man they wanted to speak to about drug supply. While the intentions were good, people ran an absolute mile with the picture.

“He walked out of the complex at precisely 7.30pm, and his hairline at 7.45pm,” one person commented.

Another added: “He was last seen in town; Police are combing the area.”

A third person wrote: “Push his release date back further than his hairline, that should teach him.”

Others joked that his hairline was ‘on the run’ as well and one person encouraged Gwent police to look up in Edinburgh for the alleged culprit because the annual Fringe Festival was on.

The post surprisingly amassed more than 84,000 comments and 14,000 shares on the post before Gwent Police deleted it.

The police force also issued a message to people who were taking the banter a little too far.

“We’re really grateful to everyone who is assisting us in locating Jermaine Taylor, and we must admit a few of these comments have made us laugh,” Gwent Police said.

“However, when the line is crossed from being funny to abusive, we do have to make sure we are responsible and remind people to be careful about what they write on social media.

“Please remember that harassing, threatening and abusing people on social media can be against the law.

“Our advice is to be as careful on social media as you would in any other form of communication. If you say something about someone which is grossly offensive or is of an indecent, obscene or menacing character, then you could be investigated by the police.”

According to reports, Taylor breached his license conditions after being released from prison last year. He was sentenced to three years in jail for supplying drugs in 2017.