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Professor Accuses That Chimpanzee Meat Is Being Served Weddings In The UK

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According to reports, chimpanzee meat is being smuggled into the UK for events like wedding, at least that is what Professor Ben Garrod claims.

The University of East Anglia professor said that more than a tonne of the meat has been confiscated at UK customs in the past month, which has been brought in from countries in West Africa.

“We have seen bush meat confiscated in the UK in checkpoints at borders and in markets.

“It’s often brought to the country for specific celebrations like a wedding or a Christening.”

The meat has severe health risks because of its genetic similarities to human flesh and also because it if often packed in unsanitary conditions.

Western chimpanzees are critically endangered due to habitat destruction and also because of the fact their meat is considered a delicacy in some cultures.

World renowned chimpanzee expert, Dr Jane Goodall, has called on governments to introduce DNA testing at borders in a bid to help conservation efforts, and has suggested dogs could also be trained to detect it.

As it stands, the meat is difficult to detect as it is usually smoked and blackened, before reportedly being sold for up to five times the price of prime cuts of beef.

A government spokesperson told: “As well as working with enforcement and intelligence partners in the UK and international, Border Force continues to invest in training and equipment to ensure that we do all we can to intercept illegal foodstuffs and cracks down on smugglers.”