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Carla Belluci Seeks Donald Trump’s Support To Get Her Plastic Surgery Done

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Carla Belluci has been in news lately for all the wrong reasons. She faked depression to get NHS-funded nose-job worth £7,000. Now, she wants to get a butt lift and asked people to support her this time.

She even said that she would also like her daughter to get a plastic surgery, because ‘ugly people get nowhere’.

Termed as the most ‘hated woman in Britain’, she has now requested US President Donald Trump to help her.

While 37-year-old Bellucci – who refers to herself as a ‘global controversial media sensation’ – managed to get her nose job funded for her, she’s not having the same luck with her desired Brazilian butt lift, as the NHS doesn’t offer these.

The mother of three started a GoFundMe page hoping to raise £6,000 needed for the latest surgery. Unfortunately, she has so far managed to accumulate just  £12.

While one generous donor lobbed Bellucci a tenner and wished her luck, someone else gave just £2, telling her: “Stop been a sponger and get a job.”

Desperate to get it done, she has now turned to Trump and asked him to fund for the surgery.

She made the plea via Instagram, donning a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and red vest top and saying: “Hi guys, this is Carla Bellucci here, this is a message for Trump.

“I just want to say, when we have socialised medicines available like we do here in the UK on the NHS, everything’s up for grabs.

“So this is a message for you Donald Trump, I would like you help me in my crowdfunding page on getting my butt implants.

“And on that note, I just want to say, God bless America.”

Hashtags in the caption included #MAGA, #Trump2020, #KeepAmericaGreat, #USA and #GodblessAmerica.

Looks like anybody can grab the headlines these days. Social media can turn anybody into a sensation and it doesn’t have to be extraordinary every time.

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