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WTH! Customer Fires At Waiter Because He Didn’t Prepare Sandwich Quickly Enough

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In a shocking incident, a waiter was shot dead by the customer because he was upset it was taking too long for his sandwich to be made. The incident took place at an eatery in Nosiy-le-Grand, on the outskirts of Paris.

The witness said that the man lost his cool because ‘his sandwich wasn’t prepared quickly enough’. He shot the waiter on the shoulder and disappeared from the spot. The colleagues did their best to save their man but all their efforts went in vain. The police were informed about the incident.

Bobigny detectives confirmed the the man is still on the run with officers describing him as ‘strikingly determined in everything he does’.

The man apparently also insulted the waiter before he pulled the trigger. Meanwhile, Paris Police Prefecture spokesperson, Raphaël Biron, who confirmed the events but declined to provide further details because the investigation was ongoing.

Such incidents have been on the rise in some place which is a cause for concern. Recently, two men were shot in an American car park by a man because they had ‘catcalled his girlfriend’ who was sitting inside the vehicle.

According to officers, the driver and his partner were walking into the petrol station shop at around 11am on Wednesday when two men said something aimed at the woman’s appearance.

The man had an heated argument which led him to grab a gun out of his car and shoot at least six times.

CCTV footage shows the victims drop to the floor before scrambling to their feet and running away from the car, with two of them hopping as a result of their injuries.

The two victims were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and it is believed that one has been released while the other had to undergo surgery.