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12 Embarrassing Nightclub Drunk Fails That Will Make You Rofl

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Being drunk out of your skull brings out the most embarrassing personality of yours, therefore creating the funniest drunk fails ever.

Take a look:

#1. Best waste-buddies

Apparently her girlfriends are so close, that they won’t allow her to poop without taking a selfie.

#2. Looks like she’s trying out ‘The Vodka-asana’

Well, it’s too late for her to start caring for her health.

#3. I wanna look pretty for my photo

Well, this picture would be the greatest reminder of her drunken beauty.

#4. How’s my vajayjay?

When you chilin’ in da club, but your bae asks you to ‘send nudes’!

#5. Curiosity kills the cat

While the other girl poses for her photo, the guy is engrossed in his recent findings.

#6. Don’t mind me, I’m just looking for something

‘I’m sorry, I’m looking for my penny. Have you seen it around’

#7. Let’s play ‘Muppets’.

Well, as long as the girl is enjoying it, I won’t say a thing.

#8. Twerkin’ in 80’s

He old man is enjoying his second innings quite to the fullest.

#9. Ooh. Look what I found.

Well, sure the boobs are something that piques the interest of any guy.

#10. Why should boys have all the fun?

This gives me a pretty clear picture of why it’s called ‘White Girl Wasted.’

#11. I’m all about that bass!

No treble

#12. Looking pretty!


Photo : fofur