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10 Man Problems That Women Don’t Understand

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The whole world talks about things a man doesn’t understand about women, but very few people would know the problems faced by men when women do not understand them. No one ever understood the pain of men, they too suffer at the hands of biology.

If you want to understand a man inside out then you have come to right place.

Here are few problems that have been mentioned by men which they feel it hard to understand for a woman. So, when this question was posed to men “What problems of men’s life women are hardly aware of?” then the feedback turned out to be these 20 top received points.

#1. Why Should We Not Ask For A Help?

Yes, it’s a general norm that man can do everything on their own and they do not require any help. Even man needs help and it is normal. If a man needs help then why he gets weird looks? Maybe they just need a little more time to learn that. And even a man is a Human, not a Robot!

#2. Even We Love Getting Compliments Too

Even guys want to hear compliments from women other than his Mother. Women complement each other all the time but when it comes to men women don’t give a man enough compliments. If you feel a guy is handsome then just tell him. Chances are he had never heard in a long time.

#3. Why Only We Have To Make The First Move

Let’s be real, it isn’t easy always. Why men have to make the first move? Come on. dynamics have been changed like some years ago and still, men have to make the first move. Every man thinks “Why do guys always have to make the first move? Ladies First! Remember?”

#4.  Why Are We Expected To Be Strong Always, What About Our Sensitive Side?

“Why we are never allowed to show our weakness?” Men also have the right to be sensitive, they don’t cry like ladies all the time doesn’t mean they are emotionless or meant to be tough all the time. Even men have right to cry and throw out all his frustrations.

#5. Our Inefficiency To Remember Fine Points

Women never understand that it’s not that men forget things but it is just that they do not place same attention to small things. Men are good at movies quotes, sports statistics or political incidents, but when it comes to what his girl was wearing on their first date, well you simply can’t expect silly things from him.

#6. Dealing with Testicles

One thing women will never ever understand is how it feels getting kicked in these guys. A short message every guy will like to give to girls will be “Ladies, FYI getting your balls hit is far more painful than you can ever imagine!”

#7. Never Doubt On Our Capability At Multitasking!

Why ladies always think that guys aren’t good at multitasking? Yes, even men can cook, handle kids with their homework, teach them discipline and clean all at the same time. While for a woman it is difficult to answer a simple question with TV on.

#8. It’s Totally Fine If We Are Quiet

There is nothing to worry about or think about if men choose to remain silent sometimes. Nothing is wrong when guys are quiet, they don’t prefer to speak all the time like ladies do.

#9. Who Said Guys Have Zero Emotional Support Structure

It is very difficult for men to deal with comments about no emotional support structure throughout every stage of life from young to adult life. If a guy mentions about his opinion or his real emotion in front of anyone he has to go through jokes and laughs.

#10. We Can Not Hide Spots – Why?

In this era, many people think “Men cannot wear makeup to even hide spots”. Why women have all the liberty? An actor can use makeup to hide spots and look good on television, but why can’t other men cannot use makeup?