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15 Declassified Body Scans By TSA

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In today’s world TSA is an amazing phenomenon. Because of the deadly 9/11 attacks, we have the privilege of knowing the brave men and women that work for this organization, trying to protect us, and our flights day and night. You’ll find similar kind of agencies in all the countries in the world, but today we are going to be examining some of the weirdest and funnies body scan photos!

The iScan

This one is called the “iScan” for good reason – the woman that got featured on this picture was still wearing her iPod and headphones while posing for the TSA. This is a big no-no, as in the screening you are not supposed to have any electronics on you.

The Armed Marshmallow

Despite getting the funny name, “The Funny Marshmallow,” it is not this lady’s fault for appearing like that in the photo. It is just that the TSA scanner doesn’t take your hair and clothes in the photo. The gun she is carrying – that one is entirely on her.

Call the Cleaning Lady

Some people get especially paranoid while waiting at security lines. I understand them, especially if it’s one of their first times flying. This lady had a particularly nasty incident, where she started peeing WHILE getting body scanned.

Rambo at the Gates

This guy, I have no idea what he was thinking. I sure hope he did not have any ill intentions, but going with that much weapons on a commercial flight is simply insane. He has a gun on his back, on his right leg, as well as something else on his stomach.

The Macarena

“Macarena” was a very popular and funny Spanish or Mexican song back in the early 2000’s (or maybe in the late 90’s – someone correct me on this one!). This guy appears very funny because his positioning was one of the main moves in the “Macarena” music video.

Monk Mode Enabled

This guy’s positioning was called by some as the “Sacred Shroud of the Tourist,” but to me, he looks like a praying monk. Maybe he was from Tibet? We will never know the end of it since the TSA scanner doesn’t show his clothes and hairstyle.

Is This Han Solo?

This couple was called Mr. and Mrs. Han Solo, due to the funny way they put their arms in the air, just as Han Solo did in the iconic Star Wars movies.

People Are Scared of Body Scans

When the total body scans first appeared several years ago, some people were scared about it affecting their privacy. This was before the era of nude selfies, and many people actually had their first nude photo taken at these airport screenings.

Your Bags Will Get Thoroughly Searched

While you are getting radiated and your nude photos were taken, your travel luggage is not chilling – your bags will get thoroughly groped and searched if they were selected for further screening. You don’t want to imagine what is happening to your stuff.

Is That a Storm Trooper?

I’m not sure if this photo is real or was faked by some joker, but it does a guy wearing a helmet that looks eerily Storm Trooper-ish, and he also has some kind of rifle with a medium sized scope on his back. Did he get arrested after this photo?

Arnold Really is a Terminator

This is obviously just a fake photo made in Photoshop, but I got a good laugh from it. It shows our dear old friend, Arnold Schwarzenegger, going through the Smarth Check and finally revealing for the FIRST time ever that he really is a terminator.

This Photo is Not a Fake

I know what you may be thinking – the previous who photos were fakes, so this one must also be – but that is not the truth. The photo was released officially by TSA’s Instagram account, and that is not a dead body – it is a nicely made movie prop.

Someone Carried a Snake to His Flight

Now we are going to transition to a few photos, showing weird stuff people tried to take on their flights. Obviously, these stuff got confiscated by the TSA, but it shows how far some people are willing to go. This guy tried to bring a real snake on a plane!

Weapon Hidden in Clay

This dude tried to bring a real firearm on a plane, which he hid inside a desktop computer case and buried under some clay. I have no idea how he thought this was going to get through the scanners and the detailed eye of the TSA inspectors.

The Not So Stealthy-Ninja Climbing Claws

Here is a funny one – someone got his ninja climbing claws confiscated by the TSA since that is not a normal item to be placed in your carry-on luggage. These are not illegal – he could have easily got them through with his checked-in luggage.