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Men And Women Reveal What Their Best Oral Experiences Have Been Like

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What are your best sexual experiences?

User “Jordioteque.” “Every single time my wife has gone down on me for about a year now. She started doing this thing while jacking me off where she sucks at the base of the penis, the top of the balls, right on the urethra. It’s almost like a weak suction cup, with tongue action. It makes me c*m EXTREMELY intensely within 60 seconds almost every single time she starts. And a little attention to the balls and taint with her second hand only makes it more intense.”

User “Solkiller.” “I was like 16 and she was 15. It was almost creepy she was so skilled. Instantly started deep throating (at 46 this has only been done by 2 other people). She went at it steady and just kept taking it all every single stroke while staring in my eyes. Made me c*m in under a minute, and did not stop. Not once did I get overly sensitive or need a refractory period. Kept going. Ten minutes later she made me c*m again and still kept going. Finally after 25-30 minutes she climbed on top and f*cked me stupid for over an hour. It was almost creepy because I have no idea how a 15 yo had those kind of skills.”

User “Steinberg1.” “Don’t know what my best is, but just recently I was with a girl for the first time and as I was about to put a condom on, she flipped on her back, stuck her head over the edge of the bed and started sucking on/very light biting my balls while she stroked me. Then she ran her tongue up and down my c*ck and put it in her mouth. After sucking and tonguing it for a little bit, she grabbed me by the hips and pulled me in so that I was deep throating her. I got the hint and started f*cking her mouth fairly deep and she pulled me in even harder so that I was basically going straight down her throat. I kept f*cking her throat as hard as I could and she never tried to stop me, even while she was gagging. The memory of her on her back, with my c*ck being repeatedly rammed down her throat, and my hands on her perfect tits will never fail to instantly get me hard. God, do I want to do that again.”

User “code_brown.” “Enthusiasm is King. Bear with me: If you’ve ever seen most p*rn videos, you’ll notice the reaction from the female performer(s)..

They’re amazed at the size of that d*ck. They need that d*ck. They can’t get enough of that d*ck. After the man ejaculates, she doesn’t treat it like it’s gross, in fact, most of the time they treat it like the shit that comes out of a caramello.

The vast majority of p*rn is written by men for men. And men want you to be very excited about getting to suck that d*ck. Most ‘techniques’ are just for show. But enthusiasm will last in his memory forever.”


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User “Sardarjionbeach.” “She had a cough drop before giving me a bl*wjob. The menthol gave me tinges and basically I saw all my life flashed in front of me. Best oral experience.”

User “phillycheese.” “I will always remember my ex. As she was sucking me, she took momentary pauses and switched to her hands to just rub and jerk me. Why did she alternate, you ask? Well, because she is sexually bi, and she was telling me about this first time she was brought to an orgasm by another.

I was getting an amazing bl*wjob as she sucked, teased, took my balls in her mouth, licked the tip, deep throated me, everything I could dream of, while telling how it felt when she was grinding on her friends face as her friend sucked and licked her. She also denied me c*mming which I love and only let me c*m after about 40 min.”

User “phillycheese.” “Right before I came, she begged me to just grab her head and f*ck her throat, and when I came she made me shoot all over her face and hands. She gently licked my c*ck clean, and took all my c*m from her face and licked it all up too.

Then she went and got me a glass of water, had me drink it, and curled up next to me with her beautiful head on my chest and rubbed my body as I passed out.It was by far the best sexual experience I’ve ever had.”

User “sykilik101.” “She informed me she enjoyed giving head and was able to prove it. However, what sent it over the edge for me was when I felt a sensation I’d not felt before. I look down and bam, the entire thing is down her throat. I’d never had a girl take the whole thing before, and it felt just as great as I’d imagined it would. Even after I’d c*m she’d keep going at it, and I didn’t have any overly-sensitive issues, so it was just jolt after jolt of bliss.”

User “bubonictonic.” “As a female, receiving oral was always a bit awkward for me, not really my favorite. The very best experience I ever had was with a guy who was very focused on giving me pleasure, and his philosophy on oral was to ‘find the spot that makes your hips buck and just keep going’. Oh holy hell. That man raspberried my clit and held on until I came ridiculously hard. It turns out I need seriously deep vibration on my clit to c*m from oral. Licking and kissing are nice but it’s not going to make the heavens open up. Find that place, and the intensity she needs and do not stop!”

Anonymous. “The best cunnilingus I’ve ever received was actually the most recent time my boyfriend went down on me. He was super delicate with my clitoris, and he licked my labia very slowly. He also seemed really into eating me out: pulling me close to him, making happy noises, tapping my nipples, rubbing my breasts, and stroking my vaginal opening with his finger and slowly inserting it while sucking on my clitoris.

The combination of all of the above really sent me over the edge and I literally screamed when I came (a first). My boyfriend was really proud of himself afterwards (as he should be).”


User “cloudcover01.” “What do men say about blow jobs? Enthusiasm. Why not on the other side as well. Humming and enjoying my time while giving oral to my girlfriend are good s well. I do like the hands comment but it leaves so many questions unanswered too. I don’t usually finger her while I’m down there. It changes the angle and I lose pressure on the clitoris. Use your hand to go exploring her body. Boobs, body, and badonkadonk. What has really worked for me is at a certain point, I wrap my arms around her thighs and hold her there. I haven’t had any complaints yet, all while humming a merry tune.”