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15 Awkward Pictures On The Web That’ll Kill Your Boredom

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The internet is not just a collection of cute cat pictures and videos. It’s basically a collection of all our mess ups that we made in life posted on social media for the whole world to laugh at. One camera click can throw you into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, exactly just like it did with these 15 unfortunate souls.

#1. Santa Claus is up to something

Maybe she didn’t get to sit on Santa’s lap as a child, so she tries to make up for it by doing it as an adult. She probably doesn’t realize the consequences of sitting on Santa’s lap as a grown up.

#2. Plus sized person

That’s the politically correct term to use for larger than average people, “plus sized person”. So, this ‘large’ person is seen performing a perfect split. But isn’t this move completely the domain of smaller sized individuals who spend hours perfecting the art of the split?

#3. He couldn’t hold it in

This guy, who apparently can’t control his glass of liquor lets it loose at the exact minute when this couple is walks in front of him. The liquid accidentally takes the form of a snake about to strike you with its poisonous fangs, which is exactly what this picture has done.

#4. Take the plunge

If this woman ends up breaking a few bones or even sending a person to the funeral home, she should absolutely get fined by the cops for it. Just look at how the crowd is trying to avoid their approaching doom.

#5. This husband is clearly panicked

As he sees his wife enter into a painful session of labour, he punctually dials 911. His wife’s painful sobs muddles his line of thinking and a serious conversation with the 911 operator turns into a comedy line straight out of a sitcom

#6. A warning before use

This manufacturer is kind enough to inform the owner about the naughty antics their bread maker is up to. But this owner has no doubts about the break maker taking its daily whiff of a cigarette before use, he even lights one up himself.

#7. Samwell Tarly from Game of Thrones

There is no contradicting that Samwell Tarly does have an eerie resemblance to this rather unruly wrestler from WWE. You could argue that he’s actually playing a double role, one as roided up for his WWE role and the frail one in GoT.

#8. Fatigued at comic con

This fan’s flawless impersonation of Captain Jacksparrow comes at a rather steep price. Specifically, that its tiresome to move around in the large hall without taking a break every now and then, but he manages to remain cool the entire time.

#9. Getting drunk

These three ladies got a little too drunk and perhaps just want to reach home without causing a scene. Unfortunately for them, someone captured their little drunken trance to which their only reaction was to stare in confusion.

#10. Car wash scene

After witnessing Cameron Diaz’s sizzling car wash scene in the hit comedy “Bad Teacher”, almost every other lady has tried to re-enact the performance in one way or another. But most women fail miserably and end up becoming the laughing stock of the internet – just like this woman.

#11. Shaved her eyebrow

Perhaps she waxed a little too much of her eyebrows and decided it was better to just shave it all off. Of course, she claims that it was her intention all along, but we all know you couldn’t control the tweezers.

#12. Talk about getting stuck

This passer-by couldn’t have anticipated this annoying piece of gum casually camouflaged in between all the gravel and sand. The gum is clearly conspiring against him to prevent him from reaching his destination. How can he struggle out of his latest predicament?

#13. How to cheat 101

Does friendship entail going above and beyond what is required to ensure that your friend passes the exam? Does it mean coming up with brilliant tactics to pass along the cheat sheet to your friend without getting caught? Yes.

#14. Adventurous old man

This grandpa thought, “Oh what the heck” and strapped himself onto what looks like a snowboard. It’s when he goes airborne that the ‘gravity’ of the situation dawns on him. The look of worry on his face tells us he’s in for a rude awakening once he lands.

#15. Dad trolls his own daughter

Of course his daughter’s pictures were gawked at by creepy men from all over the internet, so this dad takes it upon himself to recreate the same picture in the hopes of teaching a lesson to his daughter.

Photo: culturehook