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15 Big-D!ck Horror Stories That Will Give You Nightmares

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Does Bigger mean better when it comes to making love? Certainly Not!

There is a misconception, but if you ask these people, it just creates bigger problems for them.

1. This grandma’s guidance:

“My ex and I were having sex, missionary. I went to shift the angle of my hips at the exact moment he broke rhythm and give me a surprise, extra hard and fast thrust. This completely destroyed my perineum. I lived with my grandma at the time, and I couldn’t get the tear to stop bleeding. We were freaking out, so I went into the living room, holding the bloody towel over my crotch, and asked grandma what to do. She was more concerned that I had stained one of the good hands towels.”



2. This vomit brigade:

“My friend was hooking up with a guy who was so big that while she was blowing him, she literally threw up every drink she had had that night on him. It also triggered a chain reaction, and they both spent the rest of the night in the bathroom.”

—Sherri Thomas, Facebook


3. This cornfield massacre:

“Years ago I met up with a guy in an empty cornfield. His dick was almost 9 inches and thick. Neither of us had condoms or lube, so we foolishly just used spit. A few minutes later, he finished and pulled out. That’s when I noticed the bloody, shitty jizz that was dripping off his dick and down my legs. We didn’t bring anything to clean up with, so we used my underwear. He thanked me and took off. I went to Walmart a few blocks away, bought new shorts and underwear, and changed in the restroom. When I got home, my mom complimented me on my new shorts.”




4. This ridiculous reveal:

“I hooked up with a guy who had the most enormous penis I’d ever seen. Rather than chickening out, I grabbed the lube and attempted to make it fit. I have dyspareunia, a condition that makes sex very painful, and his dick ended up ripping the lower part of my vagina, à la giving-birth-style. I had to have an episiotomy, which meant stitches from my vagina to my ass.”



5. This jaw-dropping tale:

“I dislocated my jaw trying to give a blow job once.”