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9 Adult Movie Stars Who Killed Themselves When They Were Young

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The adult industry is definitely not easy to deal with and is a pretty dark one too. The fun and pleasure you see on screen is just restricted to front of camera. The people who are part of this industry go through a lot in their real life.

They have to protect their identity, because let’s face it, not many would be welcoming to what they do and tend to judge them without knowing the real reason behind their decision to enter the industry.

While some people deal with it boldly, a few find it really hard and succumb to the pressure. Unfortunately, there are also people who committed suicide at a very young age as they were not able to deal with their problems.

Here are some of the actresses from the adult industry who killed themselve:

Karen Lancaume.

The popular adult star said goodbye to the industry in 2002 in search of a career in the mainstream cinema. But, unfortunately, she died in her boyfriend’s flat by taking an overdose of temazepam and liquor.

Megan Leigh.


She was just 26 years when she died. She shot herself in the head and ended her life.

Dano Plato.


She started off as a child performing artist before entering into the adult industry. She killed herself by taking an overdose of painkillers.

August Ames.

The popular Canadian actress hanged herself in December 2017 after being a victim of online bullying on Twitter.

Shauna Grant.


She shot herself in the head with a rifle after her partner was arrested by the police.

Saya Misaki.


The Japanese star ended her life while she was just 19. She died in 2007 by hanging herself as she was reportedly suffering from severe depression.

Alicia Tyler Parker.

She was all set to begin her new life after giving birth to a girl. However, overdose of medications ended her life and was found dead at her mom’s home.

Shannon Michelle Wilsey Aka Savannah.


She was at her peak when she passed away. She shot herself in the head after a mishap broker her nose. Her ex later told that she frantically needed to escape the business and industry.

Pauline Chan.

The adult star from China entered the industry because of financial constraints. She started to date a rich investor who was 33 years older than her. However, they broke up and she went into depression. She was 29 when she committed suicide by jumping from her 24th-floor condo.