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Men Find These Things Unattractive In A Woman

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We know women are annoyed by a lot of stuff that men do, bt what exactly does a man find unattractive in a woman?

We have compiled a list of things that men find unattractive in a woman.

Putting On Way Too Much Make-Up

Why do so many women wear so much make-up? Yes, we are aware women don’t put on make-up to impress the opposite gender, but isn’t there a limit? This almost always tends to put men off


Being Overly Confident

Confidence adds to beauty and yes, you should be proud of your achievements, but being boastful and annoying is as much of a turn off as any


Inability To Lead The Conversation.

Though rare, many men have complained about the inability of some women who had no interest in leading the conversation. One miffed guy says “I try to ask questions and am met with three-word responses. ‘It’s alright’, ‘Yeah, it’s a job’ etc.


Poor Personal Hygiene

This applies to both genders. Bad personal hygiene is unattractive no matter what your gender is.


Cribbing And Talking Ill About Your Ex

Talking ill about your ex to prove a point to the guy might not be a great idea. Frankly it’s quite unattractive since you may come off as spiteful and juvenile. It might be better to stay off that topic


Not Being Needy. But Being Way Too Needy.

Yes it’s true that men do need the feeling of being wanted but it’s also true that it’s very annoying to have a clingy person. Go figure ladies!

Certain Annoying Traits

This sure goes both ways but those small wacky traits of yours like that cackle of a laugh or your unwanted childishness really gets in the way sometimes.


Way Too Excited

That one chick who gets hammered and starts shrieking and cussing at people louder than the club’s speakers. Nasty! Especially the one who screams in your ear.


When You Know It All

Nobody can correct her. Nobody knows more than her.

Please! For the love of God just stop!


The Invincible Woman

This is the kind of woman who’ll break stuff in your house just because she couldn’t have her way. This is the most unattractive trait in a woman.