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10 Things A Man Does That Are True Sign Of Love

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If you see these things being done by your man, it means he is really in love with you and you should never let him go. Most of the men are not as good as women in expressing love and you should be smart enough to understand their behaviour and realize they are in love. Here are the signs that you will help you.

It is always ‘We’.

There is no space for “I” or “Me”. They always use “We”, which indicates they think you to be a special part in their life.

Can’t stay mad at you for long.

No matter how mad he is, it will fade away in few moments. His anger evaporates just like that when it involves you.

He’s happy when he sees you.

You could see the glow on face when he sees you. He just wants to be around you at every given opportunity.

He never lies.

He makes sure he’s honest and never lies to you about anything because he takes you seriously.

He keeps it real.

He doesn’t mind being brutally honest about the things you ask him because he loves you and he doesn’t mind you seeing all his flaws.

He loves to cuddle.

It is a sign of affection on you and if he loves to do it often then you are one lucky woman.