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14 Interesting Playboy Mansion Facts That The World Doesn’t Know

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Playboy has been keeping men busy for many years now and most of them know all about the magazine and its founder Hugh Hefner. However, not many are aware of Playboy mansions and its interesting facts. To know more, slide down.

It is also a private zoo.

The late Hefner managed to secure all the required license to come up with a zoo, which consists of peacocks, macaws, flamingos, toucans, and ducks inside the property.

It also has a permanent fireworks license.

They light up the sky on 4th of July every year and they are allowed to that anytime they want.

The king Room.

There is allegedly a secret room inside in which Elvis Presley himself had a slumber party with eight bunnies.

Famous personalities are frequent visitors.

Popular stars like Robert Downey Jr and Luke Wilson are frequent visitors of mansion. Luke Wilson was banned from entering the premises for 18 months over a complaint from an employee.

Private boxing and MMA events.

The mansion has earlier hosted private boxing and MMA events as well. Cool, right?

Full time job.

The mansion has around 80 employees at a time to tend the ground, cook, and maintain the premises.

Strict private screenings.

Hugh Hefner was particular about the screenings at the mansion. Once, Mike Tyson was invited for a screening during which he fell asleep. He was never invited again.