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16 Brilliant Ideas That Surely Needs More Recognition

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You will be surprised to see these awesome ideas and realize that they definitely need more attention. They are super useful and cool.

Take a look:

You might have experienced a heartbeat skipping moment when you don’t see your waller or a key for a moment. With this Bluetooth tracker, there will be no such moments.

Charging devices can be an issue while travelling. However, these innovative batteries are embedded with a USB interface to charge your device.


Amazing ironing boards that can double up as a mirror.

The One Puck has come up with this awesome development to meet your charging needs. This puck uses a small engine to harness the power of hot and cold drinks to convert it into energy.


Considering how much much phone we use, it is a good option to have such lock systems and there will be no worries of missing keys.


This pan allows you to fry up multiple foods without having them turn into one giant blob.

For those wary of meeting up with strangers to make internet purchase exchanges, these designated little hubs will make the transaction much more secure.


Just a light to indicate the vacant parking spots is so damn useful.