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20 Hilarious Reality Vs Expectation Photos Of Women Who Bought Dress Online

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More often than not you don’t get what you see online, especially the dresses. So, it’s better to keep your hopes stable until you get your product in hand. Here are some women who were let down after getting the dresses which they ordered after seeing them online.

Not as sexy as it looks.


She is totally disappointed.

She is probably done with online shopping.

Well, she has a advice too.


Her expression is bad than her dress.


That’s a huge let-down.


Must appreciate her for the spirits.


It didn’t turn out as expected for sure.

That’s outright cheating.


They have delivered a different dress altogether.


Never again!!


She is flirting with depression.

That’s a disaster in waiting.


Is it even a dress?


Not a wedding dress for sure.

This must be the worst of all.


So near, yet so far.

This is the reason why people have trust issues.


Sorry, maybe this was the worst of all.

Not so classy, indeed.