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20 Street-Smart Parenting Tricks That All Parents Must Know

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Parenting is a difficult task and when the child doesn’t co-operate it becomes worse. However, if you are smart enough then you can deal with the kids. Here are some people who came up with some amazing parenting hacks that could be handy to all.

If your kid hates medicine, then just fake it with this idea.


Encouraging and yet maintaining discipline. This parent hung paper on the walls so that the kid always had a place to draw.


Make a scavenger hunt for kids and also include items that you can’t find.


Just place a laundry basket to keep toys in one place while giving your child a bath.


Leaving the kids with babysitter can be a tricky situation for some parents. However, with this handy hack using a picture frame and dry erase marker, parents won’t have to worry.


Just keep the toiler paper with a hair elastic to stop kids from getting it.


This dad can drive at peace as he has separate cabins for children which keeps them away from fighting.


Some hacks can also be fun for the kids. Like, making an indoor hammock out of a bedsheet and the dining room table.


Let your baby enjoy some fresh air, while you work in the garden.


Want to keep your kid away from your work? Then just give them a bucket of water and brush and let them paint the fence.


Turning an old crib into an awesome art desk.


It is simple and yet effective. Use a fitted sheet and some beach items to keep the sand out.


Get the tangles out of doll hair is using water and hair conditioner and it’ll be good as new.


If you are totally into gaming and don’t want your kids to disturb you, then just fool them by giving unplugged controllers and pretend you’re all playing together.


Turn those old DVD cases into fun coloring kits.


Apparently, making your child sit on exercise balls will improve their concentration.


Every kid would love to play in a box. Why not turn it into an activity? Just throw in some crayons and let them express.


Use toilet paper tubes and convert it into cool parking garage for your kids’ collection of cars.


Cut watermelon into sticks so that kids find it easy and attractive enough to eat.


Apply slick paint to the bottom of the sock to keep your kids from slipping on the floor. The kids can even make their own designs.