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9 Interesting Things That Actually Has A Logical Backing

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As humans, we experience curious things throughout our life and believe that it’s something amazing. However, for most of the so-called curious things there is actually a logical explanation. Scroll down and find out.

Why do we get “butterflies in our stomach?”

This sensation occurs when there’s a connection between the work of the stomach and the brain. Stomach consists various nerve cells that influence our brain and therefore, when brain has feelings, thoughts, and emotions, it passes the signal to the stomach. Hence, we get the butterflies feeling in the stomach.

What’s with genius ideas and showers?

When you take a shower, the brain shuts down for a while and the body experiences pleasant sensations. The freedom and comfort allow brain to be creative and find solutions to your problem.

Why tears are salty?

Tears are made of 99% of water and the remaining part is comprised by non-organic compounds including salt. The amount of salt depends on the body and the reason why you are crying. People have salty tears when they cry because they feel miserable. When a person is crying, their thyroid works more and their heart rate increases. The body experiences tension that is similar to physical activity. This is why our sweat is also salty

Why is autocorrection called T9?

T9 was created not in order to correct our spelling, but to help us type. The point was to guess the word a user wanted to enter. If you remember the old phones, you know that there were 3 or 4 letters on each button. We had to press the buttons once and the system tried to guess what word we wanted to type.

Why do wizards need a wand to do magic?

You cannot imagine a magician without a wand and the reason they need it, is to focus there power directly on the required object.

Why is low-quality journalism called ‘yellow?’

In 1895, American artist Richard Outcault posted a series of frivolous pictures in The World. Among them, there was a picture of a child wearing a yellow shirt that said some funny things. The readers loved the picture and the boy was called “The Yellow Kid.” However, when the New York Journal started posting similar pictures and the newspapers had a dispute over which of them had the right to use “The Yellow Kid.”

In 1986, the main editor of the New York Press, Erwin Wardman, called both newspapers “yellow press” trying to say that both of them were ready to use any means necessary to achieve their goals. He coined this term and it soon became popular.

Why do old photos show people with hands on each other’s shoulders?

Earlier, the process of taking a photo went on for several minutes and people had to stay still during the time to make sure the photo looked great. Most photo shops had different options and even sculptures were used to lean on. However, when there were several people, it was easier to put your hand on someone else’s shoulder. It is easier to keep your balance this way and stay motionless.

Why do iPhone pictures show the time 9:41?

Steve Jobs was on the stage of the Macworld Conference and Expo on Tuesday, January 9, 2007, talking about the latest technologies. He said that he was looking forward to that day and at 9:41, he presented the iPhone. Therefore, the time that we see in all the Apple advertisements on the screens of the devices is the exact time when the first iPhone was announced.

Why there are no toilet brushes in American movies.

It is very rare to see a toiler brush in US toilets because the drain system is way more powerful than other countries. In Europe, the pipes are on almost the same level with the toilet, so there is no additional pressure and the flush is not always as effective as it needs to be. In the US, the pressure is high enough that they don’t need toilet brushes.