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‘Hangry’ GF Makes ROFL Viral Trailer When Her Man Didn’t Text Back

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Women can really be crazy and yet cute as a bug. They can be at their best when they are in the zone. You are about to see one such woman and her hilarious viral trailer.

The video was created by a college student when her boyfriend didn’t text back and the video captured the attention of people, it even landed her some genuine job offers.

Pauline Ramirez, a psychology student at the California State University in Fresno clearly has some talent in editing. It all started when her messages went unanswered by her boyfriend George Giron as he was asleep. She had texted him about getting chicken and waffles.

As expected, when he didn’t respond the ‘hangry’ woman decided to make a funny trailer for George about his absence. The movie also had a whole production which includes ‘all Paulina”.

She admitted that she didn’t really have to wait that long but she was feeling creative and wanted to make her man laugh. “He was only asleep for an hour, but I got bored and decided to make a video that might him chuckle,” she said.

She showed it to him immediately after he woke up and then decided that it was good enough to post on social media. And they were spot on, as people just loved the movie trailer of “Where The F—k Is George”.

Some of them who were impressed even requested Paulina to edit their videos. Now, that’s how you make the most of your boredom.

Meanwhile, some people might be thinking that she is a crazy girlfriend. But, the reality is that she was just hungry and bored.

“I think people like it so much because it’s relatable. But some people have taken it way too seriously (and) they think I’m some possessive, lunatic girlfriend,” she said. “It was honestly just a joke.”

So, what did you make about this hilarious movie trailer? Guess, most of the people would love to see the whole movie as soon as possible.