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Here’s How These Awesome Things Looked When They Were Invented

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There’s something special about seeing the very first of things before they evolution. No matter how good the latest versions look, the way these amazing items first appeared will always be special.

Take a look at things at their time of invention:

The first Apple computer.

First car by Ford.

Here’s how the first TV set looked by Samsung.

The first Bosch refrigerator.

The first version of Windows.

Siemens’ first telephone.

The first IKEA catalogue cover.

First Canon camera.

This is the very first Harley.

HP laptop’s birth.

First cream by Nivea.

First Chanel.

First camera by Sony.

First Vogue magazine cover.


The first condom.

The beginning of Barbie doll.

First ever iPhone.

Colgate’s first toothpaste.