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High School Teacher Jailed For Allegedly Having S*x With Two Students

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A teacher in Texas was taken into custody by police after she was accused of having s*x with two high school students. Police were noticed that Muenster high school teacher Lynn Burge, 32, had sent nude images of herself on Snapchat to a 16-year-old male student last autumn.

The two later went out on a drive and drank alcohol before she took him back to her house, where she allegedly performed oral s*x and had se*ual intercourse with him.

The mother of two was accused of doing the same thing with an 18-year-old adult student in March this year. However, the act was alerted to the Department of Family and Protective services only in September.

The police then conducted a probe, during which a Texas Ranger conducted an informal interview with Burge in Dallas, where she was standing in on a school field trip. According to reports, she confessed that she’d slept with the 18-year-old and sent him nudes. However, she said that she doesn’t remember whether she had s*x with the younger student or not. She then resigned from her job after which she was arrested and posted $125,000 bond.

One of the parents, whose child attends Muenster, told “They are adults and they need to act like it. You send your kids to school every day hoping they are being taken care of, and not being taken advantage of.

“What’s going on after school? They should not be giving out phone numbers, and email addresses are fine. But there should not be an exchange on a personal level.

“There’s a professional border that you have to keep there between your students and yourself.”

If proven guilt, Burge could spend upto 50 years in jail.