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Homeless Man Puts His Life On Line To Rescue A Stranded Dog

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All heroes definitely don’t wear a cap and stories like these are what keeps you believing in mankind. A dog owner came across a hero in his real life when he risked his own life to rescue her dog and what’s amazing is that the man just left after making sure the pet was fine.

A dog named Hunter was accompanying his owner on a freeway overpass in Washington. Out of nowhere, the dog jumped out of window and landed on a steeped cliff, he was stranded in some ivy, which actually prevented him from falling down.

Firefighters and troopers from Washington State Patrol were called into action to rescue the dog. “We were trying to get him as fast as we could. It’s a very steep incline and there’s concrete below,” Brooke Bova, a trooper, told.

When they were figuring out how to reach the dog, a man came approached them and offered his help. “This homeless man, who said that he lived under the overpass, offered to climb up. He said he knew the terrain and could grab the dog. It was heartwarming. He didn’t have to do that,” Bova said.

As promised, the man succeeded in rescuing the dog, which was understandably shaken. “In my experience, homeless people tend to avoid law enforcement and do their own thing, so it was really heartwarming that he came up and offered to do that. It restores your faith in humanity,” Bova said.

After doing a good deed, the man left. Bova said, “He didn’t give his name. He just went on his way when he was done. He was just a really kindhearted guy.”