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Lucky Dog Reunites With Family After Accidentally Flying To Canada

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Some people are so attached to their pets that losing them will almost be equal to losing a member of their family. One such family believed that they lost their loving tabby when he was accidentally shipped to Canada.

One-year-old Baloo somehow got into a box that was to be posted to Montreal and ended up landing in Canada. However, the Christmas celebrations began early for the family, who were lucky enough to see their pet again, after he was found alive in a healthy condition.

The family should be grateful to Purolator employees who protected Baloo in Montreal and brought him back safely to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) who managed to get in touch with the family in Nova Scotia.

Baloo’s owner, Jacqueline Lake was beside herself after searching for the family cat for four days before she got a call to say he’d been found.

The family did everything they could and even put out flyers across the town but nothing worked out.

She said: “I was really starting to lose hope he was going to come back. He’s a very docile kitty, but he’s very curious and gets into things.”

What she had no idea, at the time, was Baloo had wandered into a package, but never made a sound throughout the entire time Jacqueline took the parcel from the house to the post office to be sent – the only odd thing was the 10lbs weight, which, of course, turned out to be Baloo.

When they got to know that Baloo was in Montreal, the family couldn’t afford a journey to the place. But, luckily, the Montreal SPCA and their network of volunteers managed to fly Baloo home.

Freedom Drivers, based in Montreal, usually shuttles animals to shelters in Ontario and Nova Scotia and took Baloo to be reunited with Jacqueline and her daughter – who was reported to be bouncing with joy when she finally saw the little tabby again.

The story of Baloo’s journey is now being used as a warning by the SPCA who are advising owners to double or even triple-check containers before setting out to post them.

This is because cats love boxes and other confined spaces and not everyone will be as lucky as the Lake family to be reunited with their beloved family member.