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Quadruplets Mom Hits Back At Trolls Which Made Fun Of Her Post-Baby Body

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Sometimes, people on internet make stupid comments about others without having any idea. Internet can be a harsh place for a few at times and this woman saw the worst side of it.

A mother who gave birth to quadruplets had shared a photo of her post-partum body. Shockingly, a few trolled her for the rashes and made fun of the stretch marks on her stomach. However, the strong mother gave a fitting reply to those who deserve it.

Doreen Ching, the Malaysian mother of four beautiful kids Jensen, Jayden, Jasper, and Jazreel, is certainly not the one to take those trolls.

When her followers asked the beauty shop owner how they could get rid of scars, she had an amazing message. The 23-year-old mom shared a picture of her post-baby belly. While a few appreciated her braveness, some made fun of the young mother.

Although, it took time, she accepted the body the way it is and realized that it would never go. She stopped being worried and just embraced it.

They trolled her by saying that she deserved the marks for wanting many children. Most of her in place would have felt bad, but not Ching. She shared a post and had a message to all those who had things to say to her.

Here’s what she had to say: “I see a lot of people commenting calling me ‘ugly’ and ‘it makes me very sick so much so I want to throw up,’ some men said it was all the woman’s fault for wanting to have so many kids. Do you have any respect for the women of the world? Your mother? Your wife? And a woman who can afford to have children?”

Looks like the response reached to all those who needed it very badly to set their mind right. Let’s appreciate the woman for standing up and facing the trolls head on.