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Seriously!! NASA Accidentally Destroyed Evidence Of Life On Mars?

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Life on Mars has been a constant topic all over and there are divided opinions regarding it. NASA has been in the forefront when it comes to findings of the Red planet. However, it looks like their mess-up had delayed some crucial findings.

There are speculations that the organisation found molecules almost 4 decades back, but unfortunately, the evidence was destroyed before it could be analysed.

The Curiosity Rover has been on Mars since 2013, but only recently it gathered organic molecules from sedimentary rocks. The discovery includes seasonal changes in atmospheric methane and understandably NASA is excited about the proceedings. However, there is a possibility that these revelations may have been found by the Viking mission during the 1970s.

NASA had sent two Viking landers to Mars in 1975, in a bid to explore the planet’s surface. Neither of the two landers found any organic materials. But, a report suggests that the rovers accidentally burned some complex organic molecules on the Martian surface.

The idea involves the Phoenix Lander, which made it to Mars in 2008. The rover reportedly found traces of a toxic compound known as perchlorate on the surface. NASA even released a video which confirmed the presence of ancient organics on Mars.

There is a possibility that the Viking rovers had heated the Martian soil to 500 degrees and accidentally incinerated organic molecules along with perchlorate. This might be reason why there were no molecules on Mars almost 40 years ago.

There is however no confirmation about what happened when the Viking Rovers landed on Mars decades ago. Nonetheless, the latest discovery by Curiosity Rover has excited the scientists and they believe there would be more solid evidence of life on Mars within the next few years.