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This Elevator In China Is The Tallest In The World And It’s Scary As Hell

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If you are scared of heights then just turn away as this will scare the heck out of you. The Bailong Elevator in Zhangjiajie, China is the tallest outdoor elevator in the world. It gives you an incredible view, but can also make you skip heartbeat.

Make sure you visit this elevator if you ever go to China and it will definitely be worth it. It is set against a cliff located in the Wulingyuan area of Zhangjiajie. ‘Bailong’ translates to “Hundred Dragons Elevator”.

The construction was started in the year 1999 and it was completed in 2002, which is a surprise, considering the task was difficult and a risky one. The cost for the magnificent elevator was around 120 million yuan or about $17 million.

The elevator stands at a staggering 1070 feet high. It was officially recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest elevator in the world in 2015. It’s taller than the Eiffel Tower which is 984 feet.

The elevator is made up of three elevators, comprising glass windows which makes for an awesome view. The place is filled with amazing sandstone pillars that looks straight out of a Hollywood movie. The ride from bottom to top will take you just a minute.

However, it has attracted some controversy as it is constructed in a World Heritage Site. A few people have expressed concerns over the environmental impact of the structure.

Nevertheless, it is definitely one of the modern marvels that will leave you speechless.