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This Japanese Technique Wraps You Like A Baby To Relieve Stress

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Otonamaki or adult swaddling is soon catching up with people as a way of relieving stress. The reports claim that this technique offers various health benefits to people.

The process involves wrapping adults in cloth, similar to how babies are wrapped and wait for the magic to happen. Each session goes on for about 20 minutes.

Orie Matsuo of Kyoko Proportion, one of the companies offering the service, said: “The reason why Otonamaki was invented was because some people were worried about babies struggling or feeling claustrophobic while being wrapped up.

“We thought if adults were rolled up like them, they could experience how good it feels.”

It aims to reduce the stress and improve a person’s posture.

A 40-year-old customer said: “It looks cramped but it doesn’t feel tight at all. It’s the opposite of that. Afterwards I felt an improvement in my shoulders and back.”

However, there are a few who believe it is not good for the body. One Twitter user said it looked creepy, while another added it looked like something straight out of a horror movie.

Meanwhile, senior physiotherapist Visvanathan Ravi of Hallmark Physiotherapy also warned and said: “I totally disagree with the treatment method. The way they were wrapped up may lead to muscle strains if not in the short term, but the long term.

“If a person stays in the position for 30 minutes, I’m sure there will be spine problems. It’s not advisable to do this treatment.”

It was mainly created to help women after giving birth and it is seen as a good alternative to massage or physical therapy.

Ms Matsuo explained that it helps to develop greater flexibility for customers’ hips, legs and shoulder muscles.

She said: “By pushing your shoulders and legs together, your body gets straightened and removes the pain of your back, lower back and hip joint. Some of our clients come to treat their pelvis after childbirth, or others to fix bow legs.”

Nevertheless, it is better to consult an expert before trying it out or at least make sure you talk to people who have tried this before.

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