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Trans Woman Forced Out Of Ladies Changing Room At A Gym

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People have slowly started to come out of their narrow-minded mentality when it comes to LGBTQ community in recent years. However, there are still few people who need to come out of their shell.

Speaking about the said case, a woman who entered ladies changing room was asked by a staff to leave, who said “no men allowed.” The individual identified as ‘Sarah’, has been a Pure Gym member for over a year now and has always used female changing room at the branch.

She was asked whether she would want to use gender-neutral disabled facilities, which she declined because she was not disabled. She was then asked whether she had undergone gender confirmation surgery, which she refused to answer.

She recalled: “The manager said that men weren’t allowed in the women’s locker room. She said: “I’m afraid you have to leave’ because someone was made uncomfortable by me being in there.”

She added” I asked if it was the policy that trans women were not allowed in the women’s locker room and (the manager) said that she didn’t know the policy in particular.

She just kept saying that I had to leave because someone had reported me. Nowhere in any of this did she tell me that I’d done anything wrong.”

The woman has not returned to the gym since this incident and has also not found a gym that has welcomed her.

A PureGym spokesperson said: “On this occasion, PureGym staff contacted the member discreetly, following questions from other members, to agree on a solution on the appropriate changing facilities. We would still value the opportunity to discuss this matter with the member and agree on an appropriate solution… PureGym has a zero-tolerance policy on any transphobic behaviour from staff or other members.”

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