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Twilight Does It Again, Gets Dubbed As The Worst Movie Ever

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You might come across the phrase ‘still a better love story than Twilight’ a few times in social media. Well, turns out there is a reason behind it. It is clear that majority of the people didn’t really liked the movie.

As if it wasn’t enough, fans have voted the movie as the worst ever in a survey. It’s unfortunate people are coming down so hard on the movie, while completely forgetting the effort the team has put in.

The movie was based on a book series written by Stephanie Meyer, featuring vampires and gained mixed reviews when it was released.

However, not all disliked the movie. One fan wrote: “I love this movie. It is an amazing love story. It is a proper combination of love, mystery, etc. This story actually tells us if love is true no one can separate anyone.”

Meanwhile, the other movies that made it to the unwanted list are Batman & Robin, Battlefield Earth, Glitter, Catwoman, Son of the Mask, Howard the Duck, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and Emoji: The Movie, among others.

What’s your opinion on this?