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Uber Driver Develops Hello Kitty Car In Search Of His Future Wife

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Finding your soulmate isn’t an easy task and people do crazy stuff to narrow down on their life partner. One man found his own way to identify the right person for him.

Logan, a 28-year-old Uber driver in Los Angeles, redecorated his car to find his love. He drives around his 700-horsepower SUV named ‘Super Fast Uber,” which grabs eyeballs. He turned it into every Hello Kitty fan’s fantasy car.

The man is eagerly waiting for lady love, felt that the Hello Kitty vehicle would increase his chances of meeting more people and eventually his wife.

He explained: “I don’t work in an office; I don’t like hanging out in bars, you can’t talk to anyone in clubs because the music is too loud, I don’t play sports… my lifestyle is not conducive to bumping into my soul mate.”

“My life has always been very different than most, and I’m not exposed to the common networking environments in which most find their significant other. I’m either bungee jumping off a tower, hanging out of a helicopter, or relaxing in my Airbnb.

It’s pretty unlikely I’m going to find her while doing those things. I’m doing this to find my future wife. I simply ran out of ideas for how I was going to find her.”

The former race car driver also said that the purpose of his car is not just finding his wife, but also to make other people happy.

“The secondary goal was to build a rolling joy machine. Something that gets people excited and brightens the day of everyone who gets to ride in it or just see it go by on the road. It’s quite fitting (and miraculous) that the word JOY is actually within the car’s VIN. I saw JOY in the VIN when picking up the car, and it felt like the universe was smiling at me.”

So, what do you think about his unique way?